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About Us

Don't leave material and product handling to chance: count on superior protective film to ensure safe transportation and storage of valuable goods!

Protective film is an essential part of quality assurance and securing customer confidence.

At Protective Packaging, we have a single responsibility - protecting the value of your assets, product quality and brand reputation. We offer a lightweight solution which removes clean and ensures quality on special finishes.

Need a custom application?

Manufacturers rely on us for dependable, lightweight, and clean protection for surfaces and components from fabrication to shipping and storage. Out products are used throughout Canada on electronic screens and components, signs and decals, computer cut lettering, construction materials, automotive parts as well electrical stripping tape, wire insulation and much more.

At Protective Packaging, we are proud to be a leading Canadian enterprise with extensive experience in the North American industry, providing high quality products and expertise to a very wide range of businesses.

We offer manufacturers tough, dependable, and effective protection of expensive critical surfaces-during milling, fabrication, assembly, shipping and handling, ideal for the most demanding industrial applications.

As varied as our customers are, they share one thing in common: total confidence in Protective Packaging as their supplier. Here's why:

We can offer complete conversion and customization for a variety of industries that handle metals, plastics, or glass at any scale. We offer:

  • Quick Turnaround and Fast Delivery
  • Quality Products
  • Expert Consulting Services
  • Vast Capabilities Across Canada
  • Performance Tested
  • Integrated Order Entry/Processing

Enhanced Protection for Materials

Self-Adhesive Protective Films

Protective Packaging Limited is a major distributor of general purpose protective films, premasks and splicing tapes for a variety of uses; and a reliable source of many premium grade protective vinyl films not available to other distributors.

The extensive selection of manufacturers' lines we carry gives you exceptional choice, assuring you of the best solution for your application.

Pretesting to determine product suitability is a key concern before any shipments are made. Our free sampling policy lets you test products under your own "in house" conditions.


Protective Packaging offers outstanding service and support, including custom slitting to size and quick order turnaround. Our sales staff and consultants can work with you to assess the needs of your project and provide advice on the most suitable product for protection. We can help you avoid product dammages or loss by providing protective film suitable to the material, conditions and duration needed. Protective Packaging is ISO 9002 registered.